Do we need reservations?

Reservations are always a good idea!!! Some days/nights we are full house and we wouldn't want someone to make a trip and not be able to throw.

Is this safe to do?

YES!  We have people here that are trained on not only the safety procedures but on how to teach you to throw so that you not only are safe but landing that bullseye in no time!

What's the age that can participate?

For our facility anyone can do this!  However, if under 18 years old there needs to be a parent/guardian with them at all times.

Is there someone there that can teach us how?

YES!  Anytime that the facility is open there are Axperts here that go over the techniques on how to throw.  They also hang out with your group for awhile to watch you throw and give you tips/tricks on how to make your throws the best they can be!

Can we bring in food?

YES!  You can bring in any food you would like as well as have things delivered.  We have tables we can set up as well if you are renting the facility and need food tables.  

Alcoholic drinks can NOT be brought in but we do have beer & ciders available for purchase.

Do you sell gift cards?

YES!  We can do any amount you would like.